BREATHE™ Gift Cards

Make someone’s day with BREATHE™ Gift Card. Our new, fully digital gift cards are secure, easy to purchase, and simple to gift at the time of your choosing. They can be conveniently stored on any mobile device (including in Apple Wallet) and easily redeemed with the scanning of a unique QR code. Multi-use gift cards (to be spent however the recipient chooses) and gift cards for specific product packages are available. All gift cards are valid for one year from the purchase date.


There is no physical component to the gift cards, however they can be printed to hard copy at own risk. All duplications will contain the same QR code that, when used as a form of payment, will deduct from the same credit associated to that QR code (in other words, whoever has the QR code can spend the credit).

Valid for 12 months from purchase date // Valid for in-store purchases only // Not redeemable for cash // Gift cards may be duplicated at the risk of the holder

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BREATHE™ Gift Card

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Flexible Gift Card

Our fully digital gift cards are secure and simple to gift at the time of your choosing. They can be conveniently stored on any mobile device (including in Apple Wallet) and can be used as a payment method towards any bill at BREATHE™. Our flexible system allows the gift card credit to be used towards just one bill or spread across multiple bills over the course of a year, always keeping track of the remaining credit to be enjoyed at some future time. 

Valid in BREATHE Restaurant and GROUND Artisan Cafe and Bakery // Valid for 12 months from purchase date // Valid for in-store purchases only // Not redeemable for cash